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This is a game where you explore. The controls are, arrow keys to move, Z button to shoot guns/plane, press D to put the gun down and to get out of the plane, and press S to get in the plane. press X to talk to people as well. press D to put the plane in ground mode where it will move slowly, press it again to get out and press S to put the plane in flight mode where it moves fast,

*Update, elevators have been added as well as doors with switches. To use an elevator walk up to the yellow switch and press X (same with doors) however with elevators be quick as they will go back down quickly, They are used to get to higher ground. There is also a person in the dungeon and part of a dungeon made. A cashier has been added and has dialouge as well.

*Update: There is now a casino and a boss fight at the end of the dungeon as well.

Install instructions

Download then put the executable where you want it. Afterwards double click the executable to play the game.


Exploring.exe 16 MB

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